Giusi Lucini -Tour Leader & Lake Como Tour Guide

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My name is Josephine Lucini, I love Lake Como, where I live, and my job as a tour guide as well.

When I travel I like to feel free to experience visiting a new place according to my interests and at my own pace.

I eagerly await to visit places I have always wanted to see, and I am  thrilled to find myself admiring a landscape, a monument or a masterpiece which I had previously seen only  in photographs.

I enjoy spending time in a new area, to get familiar with it and to learn to get around until I feel I am part of the place. To this end I have always relied on a local tour guide because, no matter how much you have read, there is nothing better than listening to someone describing the place where he/she lives to really understand it.

A professional tour guide, culturally prepared, is able to let people fully appreciate the things they are admiring, reveals unknown and fascinating aspects which are rarely mentioned in books.

Another advantage of having a tour guide is that you can ask questions and also ask for advice!

It is very relaxing to listen to a guide’s explanation while taking pictures of the landscape or of a work of art without being stressed by following maps or reading guide books, she will also stand in the queue to get tickets for you! Furthermore, in case of an unexpected event, an efficient guide is able to find a solution.To sum up, the ideal tour guide is like a kind host happy to make guests feel at home and

it is very rewarding to see visitors go back home satisfied with what they have seen and done.

I have earned my license as Lake Como Tour Guide in 2007, after passing a specific qualifying examination at Como Tourism Departement.

The same way, in 2011, I have obtained the licence as Tour Manager, which allows  leading groups everywhere in Italy and overseas.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but I grew up in Italy where I have been studying as well. I graduated in Medieval History at “Università degli Studi “ in Milan.

The tourists I use to work with come from different countries of the world: they  usually are from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Japan, Philippines, South Africa and United States.

Particularly, every year, as qualified tour guide and lecturer, I welcome and assist the groups of “American National Trust” and “Smithsonian Institution” visiting Lake Como and the Italian Lakes District.