I really think that everyone should, at least once in a lifetime, visit Como and the charming  surroundings.

One of the highlights of this place is its natural beaty: mountains which change colour according to the seasons, the peaceful waters reflecting the sky and the rich vegetation.

Ancient churches and elegant mansions are set in this pictoresque frame, witnessing its illustrious past.  But still today visitors can experience a romantic and surprising journey.

It will be my pleasure to be your guide and tell you about the past and recent history of the area, the famous people who lived and still live here, the traditions and habits of local residents.

Further more I will let you discover hidden corners or anecdotes since I have lived here all my life.

My wish for my guests is that they have an enjoyable holiday, through art, good food&wine and nature.

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Como as Hollywood? An exagereted comparison...in any case there are many Italian and foreign movies set on Lake Como.
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The best way to really get in contact with the natural and primitive beauty of the lake environment? Spend a day on an outdoor activity, having fun and reaching breathtaking panoramic views! outdoor_en_.html
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Como is a beautiful city, a human-scale place, rich in history and culture.
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Only 4 km from Como, eastern coast , the best place to enjoy stunning sunsets on Lake Como!
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